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The DST Revolution: 1031 Exchange Into Retirement Mode by Don Meredith


Don Meredith is known in the industry as “The DST Pioneer”. In his debut book, The DST Revolution: 1031 Exchange Into Retirement Mode, Don discusses a new revolution for income property owners through Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) using a 1031 exchange.

Along with James Benes, who spent 40 years with CBS news radio, this book breaks down the complex world of DSTs and 1031 exchanges into digestible facts and figures, along with interesting anecdotes and quotes from some of the leaders in the industry.

The book touches on why many investment property owners from the Baby Boomer generation are considering Delaware Statutory Trusts and why it’s important for Realtors to know about DSTs to be able to better serve these clients who want out of managing properties and tenants.

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Don Meredith on Change It Up with Paula Shaw Radio Show

Don Meredith, the author of The DST Revolution, was recently interviewed on Change It Up with Paula Shaw Radio Show. You can listen to his interiew about the book below.

About Don Meredith, Author of The DST Revolution


Don Meredith, the founder of Tactical Income, Inc, is a professional speaker and author and has been a financial adviser since 1989. Don is one of the early pioneers of the DST 1031 Exchange industry with virtually hundreds of exchanges to his credit. He was also formerly a financial radio co-host with one of San Diego’s oldest radio stations.

Don Meredith began specializing in real estate tax strategies in 1999 with a special emphasis in 1031 Exchanges. He also serves as an industry consultant and adviser on 1031 Exchanges. Don has written and lectured extensively on 1031 Exchange transactions and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) for like-kind replacement property solutions for 1031 exchange transactions. He is also a long-time member of the Real Estate Investment Securities Association (REISA), and the San Diego County Creative Investors.

Don Meredith became an accomplished oil painter, stage actor, and author all after the age of fifty. Don grew up in Maine and migrated west to beautiful San Diego thirty years ago. He fondly talks about Maine: “they have tremendous ethics where I come from! In Maine a handshake means everything.”

About James Benes, Editor of The DST Revolution

Jim Benes is a retired journalist. He spent more than forty years as a writer-producer-editor for CBS Newsradio in Chicago. He is the author of Season of Joy; Chicago Celebrates the Holidays, which is based on a December feature he has been doing for WBBM Chicago since 1980.

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The DST Revolution is available for purchase on Amazon. If you’d like to learn more about DSTs and 1031 exchanges, please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with author Don Meredith or visit his blog to learn more.

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