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  • REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust

    iStock_000009926982XSmall Diversification with REITs

    REITs traditionally are thought of as a good investment for diversifying assets. Modern portfolio theory advocates diversification to minimize overall risk. In other words, investors should allocate their portfolios among a variety of investments in order to weather different market conditions. It is believed that such a diversified portfolio may limit overall portfolio volatility or “risk.”

    Multi-Tenant Retail – Combines the Attractive Characteristics of All Retail

    Catering to needs vs. wants, multi-tenant necessity-based retail provides consumers with a mix of essential everyday goods and services. Typically, a needs-based multi-tenant shopping center consists of one or two large “anchor” tenants, such as a grocery store, national clothing discounter or home improvement store. These types of tenants tend to draw shoppers to the property more than once a week.

    Mutual Funds

    Mutual FundsIntelligent Design for a new economy.

    • Designed to manage downside risk
    • We choose funds that receive the highest level of management attention
    • Access multiple income assets from a single portfolio


    401K & Mutual FundsSetting up and maintaining a 401K or IRA shouldn’t lead to mountains of quarterly statements. Eliminate the hassle but keep the benefits of a well-rounded retirement savings program.

    • No Front End Load Fees
    • No Fees for reallocating your investment options
    • No Fees for rebalancing your funds

    We can help you tailor your portfolio in order to best reflect your risk tolerance.

    Oil & Gas

    Our unique business model seeks to manage and reduce the financial risk factors associated with traditional oil and gas exploration/development/production (E&P) operations and drilling.

    •   Tax Benefits
    •   Global Demand vs. Supply
    •   America’s Independence

    Partnerships are designed to be a conservative, balanced yield, lower risk diversification of an investor’s financial portfolio. Activities are focused on either drilling in proven, producing areas or limited exploratory drilling operations in areas with professionally-calculated, significant reserve potential.

    Oil & Gas Research 2016 on Energy.gov: Click to Learn More

    1031 Exchange & DST


    A DST is a separate legal entity created as a trust under Delaware statutory law.  The law permits a very flexible approach to the design and operations of a DST.
    However, to use a DST in a Section 1031 syndication program, it must comply with the requirements of IRS Revenue Ruling 2004-86 and must also (if the
    DST’s property is debt financed) meet lender requirements. To satisfy these requirements, each of our DSTs must:

    • be a Special Purpose Entity (“SPE”);
    • be bankruptcy remote; and
    • be a very passive holder of real estate, with minimal trustee powers over the operation of the DST’s real estate, and no powers over the DST or its real estate at all in the hands of the DST’s beneficiaries.


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