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For a quarter of a century, Don Meredith and Tactical Income, INC have stood out from the crowd with adherence to a set of ethics and principles that have produced results for clients.

We are at a unique point in history. Observation of the last few years of investment performance point to stand out strategies which have thrived and fit the new and ever changing financial landscape. We have selected from the best in class of these investments and offer personalized service to assist you in making sense of your finances and getting your personal economy under control. Our investment strategies are designed to minimize tax exposure as well.

Tactical Income, INC has come to be known for creating income streams which are resilient and customized to your personal goals, time horizons, investing styles and risk appetites. We invite you to call us to learn how to find investment balance and chart your new financial course…



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Don Meredith

The material contained herein does not constitute an offer to buy or sell any real estate, securities, or insurance.  Such offers are made only by a sponsor’s memorandum or prospectus or contract which should be read and understood before investing  As with any real  estate investment there are various risks, including but not limited to:  illiquidity, limited transferability, and variation in occupancy which may negatively impact cash flow, and even cause a loss of principal.  There are material risks associated with the ownership of  investments.  Some investments are only available to suitable accredited investors.

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